CCMGA Tournament Prize Certificate Policy



All gift certificate money expires 1 year after the date it is issued and it is the members responsibility to keep track of their money.


CCMGA Tournament "No Show" Policy


Effective immediately, CCMGA members who sign up for tournaments and fail to notify the Tournament Committee in a timely manner that they will not be able to participate, will be subject to the following penalties:

1. If prepaid, your tournament fee will not be refunded.
2, If not prepaid, your tournament fee must be paid to the Treasurer.
3. Applicable city "no show" fees of $15 in the winter and $8 in the summer must be paid to the pro shop.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in suspension from participation in the following tournament.

Requests that this policy be waived due to circumstances that did not allow for timely notification will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee and its decision will be final.




Tournament Handicap Policies


The lowest three of five scores in a sanctioned CCMGA home or away tournament, or your current AGA handicap in effect on the handicap update used for the event (as determined by the tournament committee) , whichever is lower, will determine a member's handicap for tournament play.

(Note: Members playing in their first CCMGA tournament will receive their AGA handicap. For members with one, but less than five tournament scores, the following formula will be used to determine their lowest tournament score: one for one, one for two, two of three and three of four.)


In addition to the above requirements, all entrants in the President's Cup, Club Championship and Two-Man Championship must have, within the past 12 months, participated in at least two CCMGA tournaments in which tournament scores were posted for handicap purposes. Note: RAZZ scores do not qualify as tournament scores.


TOURNAMENTprize payout guidelines will apply to all regular CCMGA events:


  • Whenever possible, enough places will be paid so that a minimum of 25% and a maximum of 33% of all players will place. (The latter may be exceeded if multiple players tie for last money)

  • The field will be divided into flights of 16 to 24 players each, depending on the size of the field.

  • In team events where handicaps are used to equalize teams (example: ABCD best ball), there will only be one flight.

  • Flight sizes will be equalized as much as possible, but all players with a given handicap will be placed in the same flight. Flight assignments posted prior to the event are subject to change, and may be reconfigured depending on withdrawals or cancellations.

  • Ties for overall winner(s) in major tournaments (Club Championship, President’s Cup, Team Championship) will be decided by an on-course sudden-death playoff commencing on hole #1 and continuing until a winner is determined. If the tournament format involves handicaps to determine the overall winner, strokes will be awarded as appropriate, according to the handicap number of the holes being played.

  • In cases of ties, prizes will be split among those players. (Example, assuming 1st, 2nd and 3rd are being paid: In case of tie for 1st, those players split 1st and 2nd money. In case of 2 or more tying for 3rd, those players will split the 3rd place amount.)

  • Unless otherwise noted, all prizes will be paid in City of Phoenix Pro Shop credit.

  • When gross and net prizes are paid:

    • Prizes will be paid equally (gross and net) within each flight and between flights, unless flight sizes are significantly different.

    • A player (or team) may only win in one division, not both.

    • If a player/team finishes in the money in both gross and net divisions, they will receive the higher of the prizes available to them.

    • The first prize awarded will be first gross, then first net, then second gross, second net, and so on until all prizes are awarded. This order may change due to ties and/or meeting the ‘largest prize available’ criteria above.

  • Tournament results are ratified at the regular CCMGA Board Meeting Wednesday evening following each event, and will be posted to the CCMGA website as soon as possible afterwards. Results will typically be posted by Thursday following the event.





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