CCMGA Terms and Conditions:

Use of this website is strictly voluntary to CCMGA members for CCMGA  information and tournament registration purposes.   Only CCMGA members are allowed to register for CCMGA Tournaments and view selected information.


 ***Member agrees to pay a stated surcharge each time using online event registration.***     


The surcharge offsets the cost of the online electronic transaction. Unless explicitly stated in the registration form, green fees will be paid to the golf course the day of play and are not included in the tournament entry fee.


Optional gross and net skins will be included on each entry and MUST be checked to indicate the player's intention to participate in the game and be charged for them.  The players has an option at registration:  either they can pay then and be done with it or pay at the club by bringing a check no later than a week in advance. Entry is not complete without payment. Players receive a receipt and confirmation email sent to the email address associated with the players account.  Please keep your email address up to date.


All transactions are done through Paypal in a totally secure transaction environment.   No personal financial information is ever seen or retained by the CCMGA.  The CCMGA respects the privacy of each member and will never divulge any personal information to any outside agency. 


Players may withdraw online and receive a full refund if completed before the tournament entry deadline.   Refunds are returned to the credit or debit card used or the PayPal account used.  Members do not need a PayPal account to enter events, only a credit or debit card.



  1. How do I become a member of the CCMGA?
  2. What does membership in the CCMGA get me?
  3. How do I get an online member account?
  4. What do I need an online member account for?
  5. What is PayPal and do I need a PayPal account?
  6. How do I enter and pay for tournaments online?
  7. How do I withdraw from an event online and do I get a refund?
  8. What is the additional surcharge for?
  9. Can I receive prize money online?
  10. Why can't I view some pages on the website?
  11. When will online entry begin?
  12. Can I pay my yearly membership online?

 1. How do I become a member of the CCMGA?

Individuals may join the Cave Creek Men's Golf Association by downloading and completing a CCMGA Membership application and paying  the $75 yearly membership fee. Membership is for the calendar year.  In November each year individuals may join at a discounted rate if joining the association for the following year.  Online payment of membership dues will eventually become available.

2. What does membership in the CCMGA get me?

It is the mission of the Board of Governors to provide every member with the greatest possible return on his investment in the association. In carrying out its mission, the Board's goals will be:

To plan, schedule and monitor a number of member-only golf tournaments throughout the year. A variety of formats and a weekly RAZZ game will provide an opportunity for golfers of all skill levels to be in the money in any given tournament.

To provide oversight on members' handicaps, and take steps to ensure that the playing field is as level as possible. Nevertheless, the golf handicap system has always relied on the integrity of the individual golfer, and it is each member's responsibility to record his individual scores accurately and promptly.

To promote the true spirit of the game of golf by encouraging proper etiquette and strict enforcement of the rules of the game as defined by the USGA and the AGA.

To provide each member with a USGA handicap through the Arizona Golf Association.

To monitor the condition of the golf course, and recommend changes or improvements to the course superintendent and head professional. And to fund improvements subject to budgetary constraints and city regulations.

3. How do I get on online member account?

Each player will receive, with his membership, an online account for the calendar year joined.  The account will become inactive if membership is not renewed.   Upon completing and submitting the membership application form, CCMGA administrators will create the online member account and notify the member through email.

4. What do I need an online member account for?

The CCMGA respects the right to privacy for each member and wants to keep results and other communications with it's members private among the members.   In order to view the forum, tournament results,  tournament entry, polls and directories the member will need to be logged in. 

5. What is PayPal and do I need a PayPal account?

PayPal is essentially an online bank account allowing the transfer of money anywhere in the world to an email address.  It is well know and accepted everywhere. There is no charge to setup up an account and there is only a fee on a credit card transaction to the seller.  Cash transfers are free.   While you do not need a PayPal account to register for events (only a credit/debit card is needed), the ownership of a PayPal account will allow the CCMGA to transfer cash prize winnings to your online PayPal account.   You can connect your PayPal account to your normal bank account and transfer funds back and forth. 

6.  How do I enter tournaments online?

You'll first need a CCMGA account.  After logging in, click on Event Registration and after reviewing the tournament information, click Register and check the terms and conditions box and submit  You'll then be directed to a secure PayPal page where you can enter the appropriate payment information. After completing the payment process, you'll  be redirected back to the CCMGA website with a confirmation message and you'll receive an email confirmation and receipt for the transaction also.

7.  How do I withdraw from an event online and do I get a refund?

Withdrawing from an event is simple if done before the entry deadline. If done before the entry deadline, click cancel entry and confirm. Your entry will be returned in full by the CCMGA adminstrator to the credit card or PayPal account used.  After the tournament entry deadline you'll need to withdraw by contacting the tournament chairperson directly. 

8.   What is the additional surcharge for?

Mostly to offset charges for online monetary transactions. Paypal charges a merchant fee for each transaction.   The 24/7 convenience also saves the member time and gasoline so there's a slight convenience fee. 

9.  Can I receive prize money online?

The convenience of having a PayPal account allows the CCMGA to easily transfer money electronically to any member's account.  

10.  Why can't I view some pages of the website?

The new CCMGA website is more interactive with it's membership and allows privacy features to be built into the website.  The CCMGA Board of Governors has agreed to keep tournament results, forum conversations, member information and other items private to it's membership.  Once logged in, every member can view all the pages. 

11.  When will online entry begin?

Online entry will begin after the new year giving the membership and the new Board of Governors time to get familiar with the new opportunities and features on the new website. In the meanwhile, entry will be as it has been, downloadable entry forms will be available on the event registration page.

12.  Can I pay my yearly membership online?

Membership renewal will proceed as it has in the past with Online membership registration coming on board early spring 2014. Downloadable renewal forms are available on the website.


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